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Heroes Fic: Only Ones Left

Only Ones Left

Not leaving don't leave me her please I beg of you.
"It's the end," says Sylar. He's smiling. He can't be serious I'm still alive how am I living?
"You're dead, Peter."
What is he saying hes smiling is he dead too why can't I feel my body?
"We're all dead, Peter."
No no this can't be true.
What does he mean this can't be true no no he's lying why can't I feel pain?
"It's just you and me, Peter. We're the only ones left."
No no he's not serious we're all still alive Sylar is lying.
"You can't feel anything Peter?"
God god why can't I talk?
"I know you can't. That's because when everyone died, they gave all their abilities to you.
God god no this can't be true I lost my power he's lying.

Sylar kicks him. "Don't need to be shy, Pete."

Don't call me that only nathan calls me that where is he did he fly away?
"You're not talking to yourself, are you, Peter? I'm here. In fact, I'm the only one here."
How did i survive how did he survive?
"We're villans, peter. We killed the world."
No no he's lying we saved it.
Sylar kicks him again. "Talk to me, Peter."
Why can't I feel anything, why can't I move,  know he'es kicking me I can't do anything about it.
"Speak up, Pete."
Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up

"We're brothers, Peter. Lend me your reading minds. Or read mine."

Shut up shut up shut up damn you.
Sylar laughs. "Thank you. I was starting to feel lonely."
How are you doing this what happened why can't I talk why can't I feel my pain?
"You're body is in shock. All the abilities are killing you."
No no I can't die I have to save the world from you.
"Too late," sylar says. "The world is dead."
You're lying.
Peter begins to regain his self. He breathes in and out slowly, and the feeling returns to his limbs.
You're the killer not me I'm the savior I'm the God you're the Devil.
"You're right about that. We're both Gods. We lived thorugh the death of the world."
You're lying you're lying shut up shut up shut up!!
"What's the matter with you, Pete? Can't fight back?"
Go. To. Hell.
"I figured you'd say that."
Damn you.
"Awh, Pete, don't say that to you're brother."
You. Are. Not. My. Brother.
"Would you rather me have disposed of the bodies?"
Don't don't no no please.
"Begging? Come on, Peter, you can do better than that."
Frick you.
Sylar laughs, then kicks him again.
No no stop stop shut up shut up damn you damn you.
"You're too weak to fight back, Pete. Now you know how it feels whe you were killing me in Primatech all those years ago."
Stop stop I hate you damn you shut up!
Sylar grins. "I loved you, Pete. You disposed of that."
A pain ripples through his body.
"You're starting to deteriorate, Pete."
No no damn you why why
"Say hi to our brother for me."
The pain worsens.
No no please no.
"'bye, Pete."
Stop it shut up damn you go to hell why why
Then, he stops.


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